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Practical assistance for GDPR, ISO and Operations challenges



Understanding the day-to-day requirements of GDPR, ISO and other regulatory requirements or standards is more important to your business than reciting articles or framework sub-sections

Obsequio Consulting focusses on precisely this.

Data Protection

GDPR basics

What is it? What do I need to do? Does it apply to me? All of the fundamental questions answered. We give a solid overview of the regulations, without blinding you with legal jargon. By the end you will know exactly what is required to start down your road to compliance 

GDPR training

Policies and processes are as good as the people who use them. This very popular training session gives your teams an industry and role specific look at what they need to do 

GDPR analysis

Where are your biggest risks? How do you overcome them? A real-world look at what the GDPR means to your business and what you can do to mitigate them. 

PECR basics for Marketers

What is PECR? How does it fit with GDPR? What can or can’t I do as a marketer? We take a look at your marketing activities through the eyes of the PECR. After the session you will know exactly what you can and can’t do under these regulations and have the confidence to do it in the real world. 

ISO9001 & Quality Management

Before you start

An intro for your business, looking at what ISO9001 really is, and how it helps you manage your business. We look at the ISO9001 standard and translate it into real-world English!

Getting started

We start looking at your business process through the eyes of an ISO9001 auditor. By the end you will understand how much is involved in getting ISO9001 ready.

Keeping your certificate

Once you’re set up and running to the ISO9001 standard, you are required to carry out interim internal audits. We follow your audit schedule and deliver full audit reports so there are no nasty surprises when you come to renew your certification.


Process simplification & streamlining (six sigma)

Mapping out processes and talking to the people who use them are the first two steps in spotting areas for improvement. The third step is an experienced pair of external eyes to challenge the norm.

Change management

Got a plan and want someone to implement it? Give us a call and we’ll help you map out the impact, plan for the risks and manage the plan through to completion.

Full inside out business review

Who are your best customers? Who should you concentrate your efforts on? What are they buying? Why are they buying? We can deliver you a full analysis of your customer base, product popularity and external factors affecting your strategies as well as recommendations for treating different customers differently and streamlining product lines.

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